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Our Story


Jeremy and I have had 13 years of adventure together.  We were college sweet-hearts, were first hired at the same company (Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage...where he asked me to marry him at the company holiday party), moved all over Northern Virginia before finally settling into our home in Ashburn, Virginia (our fixer-upper adventure!), traveled near and far, and, my personal favorite: got married in magical Ravello, Italy. 

We've been so lucky to have such amazing family and friends to support and love us throughout the years.  As the last few years have passed, we've discovered the trials and joys of having children, living vicariously through those many family and friends who have added "became parents" to their adventure list.  We've grown to love our nieces, nephews, littlest cousins and our "extended family" little ones who truly have a big place in our hearts as well.  

Much to the excitement of our mom's and dad's, in late 2010, Jeremy and I realized it was time to add that joy into our own home, with two children in the long-term family plan.   We anticipated a sooner than later pregnancy, but 2011 proved to be difficult medically preventing us from conceiving earlier.  We waited and struggled a long time to become parents, but the wait and struggle was worth it as "modern technology" allowed us to gain back time in giving us two children at once!  

To become parents of twins is truly an anticipated joy for us both, and for everyone in our lives. What an unexpected and fun surprise!  We know twins will be  overwhelming, but we're certainly ready for this next adventure: to become "mommy and daddy", to share our lives with our children, to teach them as they will teach us, and to have the opportunity to share our family with yours!